Thursday, August 16, 2012

Broadcast French on the radio during the day, using these handy tips!

I'm back, at last, to jaw at you again. Wow, the summer has really jetted by, and between all the fun stuff I've been doing, my job (which is also pretty fun,) and feeling grumpy again every time I look at my last post, I just haven't had it in me to write anything worth saying.

After quite a few weeks, my last six radio show archives are finally uploaded so it's time to reflect on something we have to do on the radio which is avoid broadcasting objectionable language during the hours of the day when children, who never hear bad words ever ever, might be listening to us. This could all become moot, since the Supreme Court recently ruled that the FCC couldn't levy fines for its unconstitutionally vague regulations, but for the time being, we continue to err on the side of not playing too many dirty motherfucking cunt cocksucking shitsquirt words during the day.

The idea that children who have never heard shocking language might be listening to WCBN closely enough to detect the occasional accidental f-bomb is as delightful as it is unlikely. However, not wanting to risk hefty fines or license removal or whatever horrible fates could befall us, I dutifully attempt to screen out bad language during my daytime show. Sometimes, though, you listeners insist on demanding that I play such tunes as The Jesus Lizard's "Blockbuster".

I'd like to think that rich radio stations with modern equipment have some sort of button bank with multiple sound effects which they can press and send a sound over the air that overrides whatever is being broadcasted for the duration of the material being overridden. My clever solution to this difficult challenge is to have another record spinning and then alternate which one is on the air using the faders on the control board. So when I know a singer is about to say something terrible, I simply pot down his volume while potting up the alternate. Sometimes I employ sound effects records, but really, almost anything will work. I think this technique was exceptionally well demonstrated on the 6th of July, about 40 minutes in. Check it out.

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