Wednesday, May 21, 2014

JAKS - Hollywood Blood Capsules

There's very little information on Ann Arbor's 1990s "math-rock" band JAKS, and that's a big fat shame. I don't know a lot about them besides that their name was the first initials of each member's first name

Read this blog from 2011.

We have a CD at the radio station that collects much of Jaks' recorded output. It is called Hollywood Blood Capsules.

Wicked high quality no really 320 limited time only.
1. Dumbwaiter
2. Black Paper
3. Cock of the Walk
4. The Conversation Lags
5. Mudd
6. Chimneys
7. Spider
8. Pismire
9. Merrily the Gore
10. Master P
11. Shake

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