Sunday, December 18, 2011


At 4 and the last instalment. Wait, instalment only has one "l"? Oh, anyway, Saturday was an incredibly late night. When you get home at 5:00 the next morning I'm pretty sure it isn't technically Saturday any more. Put a long Saturday spent outside in the cold on top of a long Saturday night rubbing shoulders at the club, drinking beer and riding the filthy subway together and you get...sick on Sunday!

I felt so shitty that during my dinner date with family I almost blew Sunday night off entirely. That would have been a mistake, though. Because of said dinner I missed out totally on what could have been my first time ever seeing Bloodshot Bill. I take back what I said about one-man-bands belonging on subway platforms, by the way. I also fucking missed the Figures of Light for fuck's sake! Just get your info, I don't know, here

The Real Kids were scheduled but couldn't make it, so the last-minute addition was The Swingin' Neckbreakers. How ecstatic a couple young ladies in front of me were to see them! They knew all the words to all the songs and between each one kept raving about how totally psyched they were to see their old faves unexpectedly. For me that is like if the Jesus Lizard had bbeen substituted in or something.

Since I spent most of Sunday night half-asleep leaning against a wall, I was able to observe the crowd more. During the A-Bones a girl in front of me was texting her lame friend who wasn't at the show for like the whole A-Bones set. The exchange went something like this:

Lame Friend: So like how's the big concert?
Girl: So like the A-Bones are on right now.
Lame Friend: I so do NOT like that band.
Girl: You should have seen the Condo Fucks.
Lame Friend: LOL
Girl: They had this guy named Gaylord singing.
Lame Friend: WHAAT?!!
Girl: It was pretty funny.

...and then...the Tandoori Knights! King Khan, Bloodshot Bill, and band all wearing south Asian-ish costumes and parodying south Asians in a way only south Asians could get away with. Oh but also great rock'n'roll. As you know from my post below about Bloodshot Bill, I was swept entirely off my feet, although that was pretty easy on Sunday night. Hell, I didn't even stay for the Sonics. I had already seen them, and was so dead tired and sick that I slouched on a couch in the front room at the Bell House until my friends came out and we got a car home.

That's all! Now back to posting on this blog only once every three months.