Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thank you! Now we're rolling in dough.

We asked, and you gave.
But the real challenge is still before us. Can we succeed in recycling your irritating shekels (a reference to one of our pre-recorded fundraising announcements, not an indictment of shekels) into 3,000 watts of power? We are damn well going to try.

We have paid engineers, lawyers, and engineering firms to do all kinds of studies. We will now begin construction of a new tower, tall enough and large enough to accommodate a new directional antenna, and then place a new antenna atop said tower. We will actually buy a very expensive piece of equipment to replace our current transmitter, which I've heard is the size of a small car. When we're through, they say you'll be able to hear us in Dexter and Saline.

So once again, thank you for your generosity. Without the support of our community, WCBN would be unable to take these steps into its exciting, and increasingly relevant, future. If you pledged during one of my two fundraiser shows, you can expect a personalized thank-you note from me in the next few weeks. For some reason I have always done well during fundraiser- even my first year I am pretty sure I made over $1,000. Thank you.

Fundraiser 2013 was replete with the usual money-making tactics: pyramid schemes, blackmail, extortion, naked photos, and so on. On Thursday afternoon (2/14) David Schlitt of the Emergency Broadcast Hour agreed to have his body hair waxed, for a price. Many of you bought into his pain and exploitation, and WCBN is better for it. Thank you.
Some of us fell back on old favorites: "I will now force you to endure this Steve Perry record until you call. The first $20 pledge makes it go away." Then we responded to your obedience by engaging in three-ways with Van Halen. Thank you.

We really felt your love, way way more than three times.
Tight Pants Fundraiser playlists:
Friday February 15 | Friday February 8
Tight Pants Fundraiser Archives:
Friday February 15 | Friday February 8

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Give Us Some Money!

WCBN's annual fund drive starts tomorrow, Friday February 8, and that means it is time again for you to mug the little kids on your street and send us the money! To get you all pumped, here are archives of shows I have done during fundraiser.


Friday, February 17. SECOND SHOW OF WCBN 2012 FUNDRAISER. PLAYLIST! This 150 minutes brought in $800.
Friday, February 10. FIRST DAY OF WCBN 2012 FUNDRAISER. PLAYLIST! This 150 minutes brought in $500.


Friday, March 18. Give us your money, 2 More Chuck Berry!
Friday, March 11. Give us your money, 1 Chuck Berry!


Friday, March 19 Listen
Friday, March 12 Listen


Friday, March 13 Listen
Friday, March 6 Listen


Friday, February 8 Listen
Friday, February 1 Listen


Friday, February 16 Listen
Friday, February 9 Listen

Monday, February 4, 2013

Rock out with your _ock out on WCBN
Saturday nights at midnight

WCBN has a heavy metal program again. Now in its second semester, Odin's Dance Party is probably a little different from your average college radio metal show and it's definitely nothing like The Grind, which used to air on Friday nights for a long time before its mainstay host left us and the show was retired.

DJs who want to play METAL
We have a lot of DJs interested in playing an hour of heavy metal, and all of them have been granted at least one chance to fill in each semester. Some (myself included) are doing it less because we know anything about metal and more because we think a lot of it is kind of hilarious. I pick stuff based on appearance and title. Segues are organic and are done primarily by sound alone and always will be, so after picking a bunch of records based on their names and covers, I let the show go where it takes me.

Die-hard metallurgists surely would beg to differ, but I think the songs go well together whether they are black metal, death metal, thrash metal, speed metal, and so on. In fact I pretty much couldn't tell you the difference between these.

Spinning the Kreator
I never cared much about metal beyond Master of Puppets as a teen, because I was punk and metalheads had too much fucking hair. Now that I care less about hair (unless you are a hippie) I can enjoy this genre of music without taking everything so seriously.

Music for puking on tilt-a-whirls
Speaking of not taking things seriously, the last song I played was courtesy of Dragonforce. Thirty seconds into it I already felt like I was going to puke on a bad carnival ride. By the time is was over I was suffering from shaken baby syndrome.

Links to the shows I've done.
February 3, 2013.
October 7, 2012.

Links to the playlists of the shows I've done.

February 3, 2013.
October 7, 2012.