Friday, June 28, 2013

Me & You & Ian MacKaye

Ian MacKaye will be gracing our burg with his presence this evening, as half of his current two-piece with Amy Farina.

The Evens at the Dreamland Theater, Friday June 29, Ypsilanti Michigan. 7:30pm

WCBN's friend Mark Maynard interviewed Ian a couple of days ago. (Text & sound.)

I never saw Fugazi when I was a teen and they were a thing but I remember when they played a heavily sold-out, overcrowded, people-climbing-in-the-windows fire hazard show at Mass College of Art. Everyone I knew went. Some got in. I'm not playing Fugazi today. I'll play something else from Ian's (and Amy's) oeuvre instead. Like this:

Egg Hunt "Me and You"
Egg Hunt "We All Fall Down"

And this:

Minor Threat "Stumped"
Minor Threat "Steppin' Stone"

How about some of this?

The Warmers "Beretta USA"
The Warmers "Wanted More"

Maybe some of this:

Teen Idles "Sneakers"
Teen Idles "Deadhead"

But probably not this:

Minor Threat "12XU"
Minor Threat "Filler"

My first year of high school was mostly a horrible experience, but I connected with a kid who wasn't in any of my classes by writing out all the lyrics for "Filler" on a desk and discovering the next day that he had responded with another song which I don't remember now. That's what teens do, they write out song lyrics in places they hope someone else will see and relate somehow. When teachers see, of course, then you get suspended for defacing school property and using profane language, but you can't please everyone.

While we're slamming down memory pit, remember this album? Oh my god it's still so good. Shitty quality upload but oh well. Go and buy one yourself if you still can. Faith (w/ Alec MacKaye) first, Void starts at 12:28.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Blog Post: featuring non-rockabilly, 33 1/3 books, Nice Hooves, and more

I keep starting new posts and then not finishing them because I get bored or too busy. So to summarize:

  • The Beastie Boys' fifth album, "To the Five Boroughs," is an underappreciated masterpiece.
  • Rockabilly is not really a genre of music in its own right.
  • "The Chitlin' Circuit and the Road to Rock and Roll" is a tremendous book that you should read.
  • WCBN is doing the 33 1/3 book reading series again!
  • Some new records I've really liked over the past few months include The Parquet Courts "Light Up Gold," The Hate My Day Jobs self-titled debut, and just this past week, Nice Hooves' self-titled debut.
  • Speaking of Nice Hooves, meet my new favorite band.
  • While we're on the local bands topic, Protomartyr make great records and I'm sorry to admit that I still have not seen them live. WTF???
That'll do for now. Enjoy listening to some music and then support the bands by like maybe paying for some of this booty.