Friday, February 4, 2011

Record Fairs

Every quarter year, the Ann Arbor record show comes to Weber's Inn. The fliers in fact call it a "Monster" record show. Having only one record show to compare Weber's to - the truly monstrous WFMU record fair - I disagree with its self designation as a monster show, but it's pretty good anyway. Weber's Inn is a hotel/restaurant/convention center on the road heading west out of Ann Arbor. Their billboards sport such catchy phrases as "MEAT WITH FRIENDS" and pictures of, what else, meat. If I had larvae to escape from I'd probably get a sitter and book a weekend at Weber's. I'd invite a special friend and soak in a hot tub and then do some other stuff too.

Oh, anyway. The record show. If you can dodge the many exhibits aimed at weenie collectors who buy records to look at instead of listen to, and buzz directly to the budget 45s, you'll crap yourself at the megatude of little records with big holes just waiting for you to take them home. You can hear some of the newestlatest on the last Tight Pants in January. They include such gems as Del Shannon: "Don't Gild the Lily, Lily"; the 5 Du-Tones: "Divorce Court"; Little Johnny Taylor: "I'll Make it Worth Your While"; and Led Zeppelin: "Immigrant Song" which must be played at 33rpm.

Once I win the lottery or whatever, I'll be able to show off all the wrapped-in-plastic never-to-touch-a-phonograph-needle record ripoffs I pick up at real monster record shows in exotic lands but for now you'll have to be content with little scratchy jukebox singles on WCBN. If you want to comment, tell us about the last fun things you took home from a record show!

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