Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's Art Fair again already??!!

Why hello. It is hotter and damper than a sweaty crotch here in Ann Arbor, and many other parts of this great nation of ours, but will you hear me complaining? No you won't, because I fucking love it when it gets this hot.

The Onion wrote this article today. Look! But for real, some people really have a higher heat meter or something.

Anyway, July in Ann Arbor means seventeen thousand fat sweaty hogs from places like Ohio and Pennsylvania trundle out here in RVs and giant trailers to see and participate in the annual Art Fair that occupies our town at this time of year. Locals mostly hate it- at least the locals I know do.

I'm ambivalent about Art Fair. Of course there's a lot of shitty art, tents selling crap that is not art (electronic cigarettes, cable TV) and an influx of people from elsewhere which pushes up the shitty driver index by a million. But like I said last year, football Saturdays are worse, and they add up to far more days than Art Fair.

Enjoy the hot weather, because it'll be winter again soon. You can dance around your living room to this wearing only your underwear.


  1. football saturdays aren't worse. it's fewer people at one time and the worst of it only lasts 5 hours or so. artfair is a longterm clusterfuck.