Sunday, December 4, 2016

I don't have time for this

It's hard to maintain a decent blog when the order of the day is no longer post writing, it is status updates, tweets, and barely-verbal communications like memes and snapchats.

Was it ever really post-writing anyway? The blog basically took the place of the group email, which took the place of the group letter, that thing you sent out once a year to all your friends and family letting them know you got a new dog and the baby is six feet tall now.

Then you also have to consider the overwhelming noise of everyone else's status updates, point and counter point pieces that affirm your already-established opinion about a thing, no doubt heightening the polarization that exists between adherers to different ideologies of all kinds on the internet.

On top of that place the depressing state of the world and the country currently. I can't say 2016 has been the "worst year ever"- that would be 2014, the year I lost my cat Sugarchile- but as far as the nation and the growing list of dead celebrities is concerned it pretty much is.

What electing Donaldt Rump says about our current climate as a nation is being vigorously unpacked on other, more articulate sites, but for me right here I'll tell you it certainly doesn't increase my desire to write a blog. I have said more than once that I should get back to journaling more though.

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